Healing Wheel Workbook: Samhain to Samhain

Healing Wheel Workbook: Samhain to Samhain


The Healing Wheel: Samhain to Samhain workbook by Maeanna Welti goes through the Wheel of the Year, the system of eight holidays based in old ancestral European wisdom. These ancestors believed that if we failed to turn the wheel, the Earth would fall out of balance. This workbook is a call to come back into balance, to bring ourselves individually into alignment with the seasons and rhythms of the Earth, to work with the seasons for our personal healing, and to have our personal healing and balance contribute directly to our collective healing and balance.  

The workbook includes an introduction to the energy of each holiday, writing and tarot prompts, rituals, altar suggestions, exercises for coming into deeper relationship with the land, and astrological information.

The workbook begins with Samhain (Oct 31st - Nov. 1st), which is the witches' New Year- the holiday of ancestral healing and personal underworld work.

Workbooks are soft-cover, 8 x10, and include blank pages for your writing. 

Half of all proceeds go directly to Indigenous leadership working on environmental issues and environmental justice.  

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