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We Are the Ancestors of the Coming Seasons

So many of us have been left floating without roots to ground us, which is why the calling to rekindle the ancestral flame now cries out from our burning hearts. This call must not be ignored, distracted away, or shrugged off. Our species may rely on this very wisdom buried within our souls. Like rings of a felled tree, we each contain the truths of our past.

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Becoming the Bear

We as women and as people must not only accept the bear within us but celebrate it. We are fierce, wild, determined daughters. We are gentle, loving, nurturing mothers. We are naïve girls traipsing through adolescence and tumbling headfirst into our own inspiration. We are the wise women who watch the world over. We retreat in solitude into our dampened dark dens and emerge having birthed new life.

— written by Lindsay Vermillion

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Anger as an Arrow

Feeling and expressing anger is often a radical practice of love. Like full-to-the-brim love. The kind that is bursting and burning. Anger is revolution, believing in something better and different, which I don’t think we can get enough of these days.

— written by Jennifer Patterson

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