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New Moon in Libra: Give + Take

You don’t have to be a witch to think that what you put out is what you get back. It is almost guaranteed that if you’re able to hack that give-take balance and live in true reciprocity, you will only receive clear and necessary lessons, as well as blessings. Sometimes things don’t seem clear, and that’s normal. We’re currently entering a profound gateway of translation. This New Moon brings our awareness directly towards the meaning of things.

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Gardening with the Moon

What if I told you that you could create extraordinary magick in your veggie patch? You see, I apply the principles of moon gardening to my magickal practice, as well. Over the past two decades, I have intertwined my magical and mundane lives and there is no separation between them. This is intentional living. This is the witches way.

— written by Erin Duffy Oswald

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NEW MOON in Taurus - The Patient Rush

It's been said that the hardest part of "awakening" is moving past our own being. As our energy builds and rises, we come to a point of higher Self-awareness. This often becomes the stopping point for so many, as they are intoxicated by their own reflection in the great cosmic whirlpool. These people often corrode, unable to turn back, and unwilling to move forward. It is in these times that we must not only begin anew, but be willing to step through to humility, even after discovering the hidden treasure.

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NEW MOON, DARK MOON: Blessings of the Underworld

These dark days of the moon are the moments to allow ourselves to unfurl. Self discovery happens in the still moments, like a tiger calmly walking close to the ground under the moonless night, eyes ablaze with an inner fire to guide them. Sometimes when the lights go out, we then can find the light of our own being. Shadow work leads us to our path, because light is easiest to find in the darkness. 

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