Rainsford: Classic Designs, Hand Made in Colorado

Quality over quantity, and time over greed. 


Rainsford was founded by William Stults, who's personal affections for style has translated to his minimal designs, all crafted in Colorado by real people, in real time. No rush here. 

Slow clothing is a smart move for many reasons, but there are three here I'd like to highlight: 

  • The garment you've invested in was made to last- not by overworked individuals, or flawed machinery.
  • It's ethically responsible. Purchasing goods that were made by abused laborers perpetuates a cycle of pain. It stops when people rethink their purchasing. 
  • It's unique! Congratulations, you have a new piece of art that not only looks beautiful, but you can wear. 

'Tis the season for cozy wool wears. Check out the limited collection here




Sera Lindsey