RITUAL: Samhain Sacrificial Flame



clear away the excess - give back the earth - freshen and ground for the dark season


This is an incredible ritual to do during the season of Samhain. This ritual helps you rid yourself of what you do not want to carry with you into the dark months ahead.

What You’ll Need:

  • A pumpkin

  • Knife

  • Bowl (to put seeds)

  • Lighter or matches

  • Journal

  • Pen

  • Cleansing herbs (I used sage, dill, cinnamon, bay leaf, yarrow, & sunflower petals)

    O P T I O N A L: an outdoor altar

Step 1. Cast a circle, or create a sacred space around your outside fire pit. Meditate over your pumpkin or altar about the upcoming months ahead. How will you face going into the next season? What will you carry with you? What will you release? When you’re ready, write it all down in your journal. Rip out those pages.

Step 2. Carve your pumpkin & keep the seeds for roasting! You can etch symbols or sigils into it, or make it into a jack’o lantern. Get creative!

Step 3. Stuff your pumpkin with herbs. I placed a few Willow twigs in the bottom.

Step 4. Light your note on fire & stuff in your pumpkin. As it burns, feel your worries for the season burn away too.

N O T I C E: the pumpkin will not burn all the way. When the herbs & note have finished burning, take it to your compost bin to release its energy back into the earth. Please be careful as you will be setting it on fire. Make sure you have a safe outdoor fire pit to work with.


Genevieve Clarisse is a Pagan that practices Herbal/Green Witchcraft. She grew up on a dried flower & herb farm with her mom and grandmother. You can likely find Genevieve with her Ravenclaw scarf on, tucked away in a Library or Conservatory. 

instagram: @gatherthyme

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