NEW MOON in Taurus - The Patient Rush


Hear that? Like a crack of thunder in your chest.

Uranus, The Seed Splitter, shifts us into a place of great understanding - though this won't take place overnight. As Uranus moves into Taurus for the next 7 years, we reap the benefits by becoming ever increasingly conscious of who we are, and what we are within reality. This is what one might call a Legacy Project. 

Rebellion requires patience, or it will birth painful unruly chaos. The easiest and most effective way to practice grounding is by standing on the earth. Too often we are seized by computer screens, trapped beneath windows, and encased in shoes too small for the vastness we wish to walk. Make your meditation for the next 7 years and beyond one of dedications to the planet. Find yourself as a part of her. Not in an abstract way, but in a very real, very literal, tangible, non-negotiable way. This could be as small as silently thanking a tree on your way to the subway, to gathering in a collective of like minds in gratitude. Garden together, moon gaze, rain bathe. Drink in the natural smells and let your eyes wander beyond the scope of technology. Just for a little while here and there, practice letting go of time. 

What happens when you allow yourself to feel those sensations that don't have words? Those are your very own. That is your core, and that core reaches down into the earth and back up again to the brightest star. This is a time of tremendous healing, and however the opportunity arrives to you, it will be individual to what you need. Perhaps it's a weaving class, a pole to dance on, seeds to plant, or a new routine altogether. The only way to create anything is to begin. Now is the time. Notice which way you are swayed. What words continue to pop up around you. Often times the things we need don't line up with what we want, but the truth cannot be ignored or put off any longer.

It's been said that the hardest part of "awakening" is moving past our own being. As our energy builds and rises, we come to a point of higher Self-awareness. This often becomes the stopping point for so many, as they are intoxicated by their own reflection in the great cosmic whirlpool. These people often corrode, unable to turn back, and unwilling to move forward. It is in these times that we must not only begin anew, but be willing to step through to humility, even after discovering the hidden treasure. This is true trust. To not know what lies ahead, but to say yes regardless. The path grows with each step we take. Flowers bloom as we walk, though in looking ahead, we may not see them. The steps now taken bring us to our truth, and pave the way for those to come. This is not a burden, but the highest honor there is. 

N E W  M O O N

May 15th 4:48 am PDT

May 15th 11:48 am GMT

May 15th 10:48 pm AEDT