A Song for the Amazon


I wish I didn’t have to write this post but I do, and the Amazon fires raging hell on earth are not fiction. The reality is a horror show of human creation.

I wouldn’t even pretend to know the answers so i wont tell you what to do about it. I have to do my own research- educating ourselves is essential. It’s easy to blame corrupt governments and industrial greed and inept politics and large scale ecological crimes. And all these things must be held to account. But institutions and systems are also made of people. Individuals the same as you and me. We work for big businesses to survive, we consume, we pollute, we accept the status quo like its always been great. As individuals we CAN make a difference. We are global citizens, we have global voices. look at @gretathunberg - a total hero showing how one small voice can become a chant at the tables of power. We don’t all have money to donate or time to be activists, but we do all have a voice. I hope we can all try and use ours to do more good than harm. The time is now.

— Amber, London based artist of Zeppelin Moon

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