Full Moon in Libra: Honoring The Array of Self

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Full Moon in Libra: Honoring the Array of Self

As a Libra, I'm very much looking forward to this full moon on March 31st. Being a blue moon (the second full moon to grace one month), there is extra power and extra ability, happening from the inside out, and the outside in. I can practically feel my eyeballs glowing from inside my skull, witnessing, feeling, intuiting, wishing- at double capacity. 

During this time, some of us may feel like we've just begun finding a good routine and rhythm to our lives. Despite our anxieties and mercury dancing in reverse, we're perhaps finally feeling some semblance of normality. But did we ever want normal? This is the catch. By pushing against the hardships and finding something stable, we can feel trapped. This can't possibly be right. 

The answer is to avoid extremes. In feeling the anxious tug of a hamster wheel existence, it can be tempting to escape in a mad dash- and temporary extremes are always available. Whether it's a tornado of cocktails, the false warmth of a glowing device, or the rush of a credit card swipe. We live in a world of constant distraction, and avoidance can often appear like worthwhile activity. If these activities aren't putting you or others at risk, they can be readjusted and accepted as part of our individual rolodex. Perhaps integration of self is possible. However, reevaluation of action is necessary from time to time, and an honest assessment should be made. If you can see a problem or signs of one beginning- such as addiction, resentment, or punishing activity- some deeper work is certainly necessary. 

I don't subscribe to the idea of "guilty pleasures." To guilt oneself over what we enjoy is to create categories such as Things I Advertise Myself As and Things I Don't Want Associated With Me. The things that go into the latter category end up being done in secret, or often in excess. Imagine if all your pleasures and all your responsibilities could coexist. In a world consumed with social media and self-branding, we all now should know that just because you don't show the boring or embarrassing or "off brand" parts of your life, they still have value and directly effect who you are. We are not made of what others perceive of us - we're made of what we do. Flat out. 

Remember that one episode of Pete and Pete about Inspector 34? If not, here's the premise: There's a man who is perfect, and when asked to eat barbecue, he does it perfectly. He eats it all with a fork and knife, leaving no trace of any sauce on himself, or his plate. He stacks the bones, and eats his meal with absolute, unwavering skill. And this is how he is outed as imperfect. Eating barbecue means MAKING A MESS. To craftily dodge the sauce is to miss the entire experience of eating a meal intended to make a mess. 


There was a time when I was "perfect." I went to yoga every day, ate a raw food diet, got plenty of sleep, and drank my lemon water every morning without fail. I was a machine. I felt unbelievably electric, addicted to a wheel of activity. The faster I spun the wheel, the more charged I became. Then I got sick. Really sick. My body was so sensitive and so clean that a speck of dirt caused me to crumble to the ground. In the course of a week I went from being strong, active, fresh, perfect - to malnourished, empty, pale, and lifeless. When I finally recovered, I didn't want salad. Or yoga. Or little drops of expensive green plant essence mixed with alkaline water. I wanted pie. And a burger. And french fries dipped in ranch dressing. To have everything I wanted all at once would have been damaging, so I made small steps of integration. I started slow, drinking broth, rehydrating my body, and eventually celebrating with a solid slice of goopy cold cherry pie. Victory. That balance is now how I like to live. I choose imperfection because extremes lead to extremes. I'm far happier openly honoring the variety of life. 

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Sometimes perfection is far from perfect. Sometimes Libra doesn't want her scales to be even. Libra loves variety. Balance is found in the constant change and fluctuation of creation, not in stagnancy. In an attempt to save your favorite party dress from being stained or damaged, it sits in the closet. Over time, it becomes stretched, and moths do the work for you. Instead of maintaining the bubble, risk a mess and say yes to the party. Live like there IS tomorrow. Enjoy yourself, embrace your responsibilities, know your limits, and prepare for a morning containing a new day, everyday. 


SPELL: Clearing the Fogged Mirror

This spell is meant to banish self-talk, and welcome back the many varieties of who you are, washing away false notions of self or addictions to persona.

When smoke-bathing, be sure to first test your ingredients for allergic reactions or irritations. 

- Take a single sage leaf, and using a bowl or seashell, allow it to burn down to the end, filling your space with a fair amount of smoke. (You may choose to open a window)

- Using your dominant hand and arm, slice horizontally from top to bottom through the smoke. If standing, slowly and intentionally step through. Feel your feet ground through the earth with each step.

- Using your non-dominant hand, slice through the smoke horizontally, bottom to top. Be sure that when performing this action, your hand and arm are strong and engaged. Step through, once again. 

Once you become well acquainted with the practice of this intentional spell, you may use it at any time, with or without sage. To practice and reground in a public setting, use your eyes in place of your hands, visualizing your slicing motion with shoulders back and arms subtly engaged. 


March 31st at 7:40 pm PST