Eco-Bags Are Your New Best Friend

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Last year, I decided to stop using complimentary bags at the grocery store.

I remember a time not that long ago when the grocery store clerk would ask, "paper or plastic?" It felt good at the time to announce, "paper," as if it was the answer to all the worlds pollution. Now that paper is standard (and some grocery stores even require you bring your own bags), there's still the issue of plastic produce bags. These do not decompose, and are rarely reused - which means they end up in endlessly expanding landfills. 

Now I don't use paper or plastic. I use cotton and straw. When leaving for the grocery store or the farmers market, I grab my cotton drawstring bags and toss them into my straw market tote (rattan and wicker bags are great as well). I also have a cotton drawstring bag from a Nisolo purchase that I use for produce, as well as one from Aesop. If you've received previous purchases that implement cotton bags, these are perfect for grocery reuse.  

bags 2.jpg

The Benefits: 

  • These bags are entirely reusable 
  • Easy to wash (by hand or in machine) or rinse food in 
  • Responsibly and sustainably made
  • They don't leech chemicals into your food
  • Made to breathe- these bags will keep your produce fresh for much longer
  • Affordable, and a one-time purchase
  • Compact, light weight 

It can seem like a personal challenge to make an investment where there is a free alternative - even a relatively small one. But after months of dedicated use, I can say with confidence that the benefits of using eco-bags and woven totes greatly outweigh the convenience of paper and plastic. My lettuce is no longer slimy or sticking to the bag, my root vegetables stay crunchy for much longer, and staples like rice and quinoa can be easily transported without the worry of a hole or leak.

The change has been revolutionary, and when it comes to environmental impact, every move matters, great or small.  

Several sizes and styles can be purchased online here, or check out the Natural Net Market Bag at Studio Totto here. I encourage everyone to first check their local grocery store! If they don't supply them, perhaps ask if they can.