Spells & Curses: How we Craft Our Lives

Spells and curses often happen with or without our intention. It is our responsibility to learn how to use and identify them. 


A few weeks ago, my partner and I were prepping for a short trip out of the country. It was the night before leaving, so we were gathering all of the last-minute essentials. While pacing through the hall, my partner Justin said to himself, "I am totally going to forget my passport." 

I said, "Well, it's a lot more likely now!"  He then told me that he said this so that it wouldn't happen. I laughed, because this made no sense to me. I generally feel that what we give voice to is likely to take place. If we speak of ourselves as small, we will have no reason to be anything other than small. However, by offering more truth to a new sense of self, we can cast a fresh reality. This is why I really dissuade projective self-talk such as, "I mess up all the time," and encourage internal statements that bolster, such as "I love that I can be patient through this." Both of these spell out a clear reality, whether in the moment, or moments to come. A spell is neither positive or negative - it only gives truth to what we believe and give focus to. 

A curse, on the other hand - this is something that ricochets back to us. I was talking with some friends recently about binding spells, and why we don't take part in them. Generally, these kinds of banishing energetic workings require a great deal of confidence, experience, and an enlightened understanding of the self. Binding should not happen on a whim, because it connects us to the energy that we are attempting to push away. If we're not careful, it can reach out and fasten itself to us. This effects us in a similar way as obsessive anger, hatred, or disappointment; a self-perpetuating venom. When we find ourselves spinning, lost in a directed energy towards another person or even a situation, our thinking becomes toxic - and this is when a spell, or an intentional thought, becomes a curse. It spoils inside of us, curdling and infecting our proper sense of direction.


We often think in words. These words become feelings, and those feelings take direction. When our realities begin tipping to the side, we can "talk ourselves out of it," invoking correcting energy. This can be as easy as saying, "I am shifting my intention in order to understand clearly," and giving space for new innocent thoughts to develop. Take up your spiritual tools - a pen and journal, for instance. Write down everything until you've found your path again. Become honest with yourself. Write all the noise down, and get ugly if you want. Then burn it. Write down your positive intentions- spell them out. Speak them if you wish. Feel the words in your body. Ground them down through your feet, and up through the top of your skull. Find yourself again. 

Check this video for some inspiration: