Visual Meditation: New Moon + the Tree of Creativity.

This visual meditation can be done alone, or in a small group.

What do you want? 

It's a complicated question, with many branches sprouting from all angles.

Today is an opportune moment to meditate on your individual upcoming path, and the possibilities it contains. 


Find your path. Is it rocky? Smooth? Cobbled? Is it made of dirt, grass, or sand? Walk until you come to the top of a hill. This is where you'll find your Tree of Creativity.

The flowers that blossom from each branch are different; some loud, bright and glowing, some with what seem like an infinity of petals, and some so small they could be jewels. Some hang low, aching to be picked, some nestle firmly on their designated branches. Meditate on the deeply rooted tree of your creative self. Walk around it. What does this tree say to you? What does it look like, and how does it feel to the touch? Does it sing? Hum? Is it silent?

Visit the flowers that bloom from your tree. Float towards them if you like. Or climb. Or slither. There is no reason to make the connection to your tree difficult, so do what feels most natural and available. Speak to your blossoms. Smell them, and feel them. Pick the ones that speak to you the most. What do these particular flowers express?

Now it is time to create and appraise your bouquet. Make your way back to the ground, and thank your tree. See what you have picked. Are some familiar? Are some of them brand new to you? Ask if you have returned to some out of safety, or perhaps out of need to claim in a new way. What do the new ones ask of you? 

Let those which ask to be held out of fear of risk be dropped. Let those that prick your hands and cause pain fall away. Let the ones that challenge you be further investigated. Let the beautiful and hypnotic ones be questioned. Appeal to your emotions, ask your mystic feminine for guidance. This is the hard part- escaping comforts and abandoning the conventional for the sake of something that we can only hope will lead to a greater path - one we cannot entirely identify or visualize. This is where we must trust

Spend a moment gazing into each flower that remains. It has a message for you. Write what you learn, or paint it, or speak through it with those you trust around you.

This New Moon offers the chance to distill our desires - to find what we truly wish for and embody it. This wish is often polluted by the projected opinions of others, the fog of personal insecurities, and chaotic chatter of voices belonging to no one. Extract your success from the grace of understanding. Give yourself that chance.

This first New Moon of the year in Capricorn is fertile ground for honoring, tracking and refining your intentions to move along a new path.
— Pat Lilies

⚬  N E W  M O O N  ⚬

January 16th  6:17pm PDT

January 17th 2:17am GMT

January 17th 1:17pm AEDT