Spell: Stone + Basin


The Stone + Basin spell is simple, and can easily be done at home or in a natural body of water* (see details below). It is especially powerful in healing anger, fear and emotional fire. 

You will need:

  • Tub
  • 1 Stone
  • Cloth
  • Water

Optional add-ons: 

  • Cedarwood essential oil (anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, repels unfavorable energies), or
  • Rose essential oil (antiviral, antispasmodic, antidepressant, gentle and loving)
  • Quartz crystal (encourages kind energies, brings us back to our psychic softness)
  • Rose Quartz (healing broken or bruised hearts, relieves disappointment) 
  • Amethyst (repels emotional and physical poisons, mental clarity and direction)
  • Sage (use fresh in the tub, or burned)
  • Salts (dead sea salts, pink salt, or epsom salt) 

Part I : The Basin

Remember that the time in filling the tub should not go to waste. During this time, you can meditate in the steam, take a few minutes to write out the feelings you wish to drain away, or intentionally add the desired ingredients to your basin. Be sure to leave your cloth within reach for access while bathing. Once your tub is full, submerge yourself and close your eyes. Take your stone and let it rest gently in your hands, atop your pelvic cradle. Give yourself space to melt into the warmth, breathing long deep breathes. In this moment it is not uncommon to feel surges of emotion, and crying or laughing is entirely welcomed. Once you feel ready, you may sit on your knees, or spin to lay on your stomach. This truly depends on whether you feel best in a curled up semi-fetal position, or flat, low to the earth. Take your stone under water and hold in front of you. Dip your face into the water, and either speak your intention, scream into your stone, or sob. This is a safe space for you to leave your surplus of emotional fire that could be burning too hot from the inside. Once finished, take your stone and place it on the cloth next to the tub. Take your time, and consciously complete your bath. Once ready to drain the tub, visualize all that was felt, spoken, or reflected upon to be sand, mud, or another natural substance seeping from your skin and into the water. Let it drain with the water. 

Part II: The Stone

Once finished, take your stone and wrap it in the cloth. Try to limit your physical contact with this stone. Imagine it to be resting, and handle it with care and gratitude as it carries your energies and transforms them for you. Within the next full day, find time to take your stone to a natural space (another body of water, in the earth, on a hike) and quietly thank it as you leave it behind. The cloth should be washed soon thereafter, or left in the sun to be cleansed. 

*For natural bodies of water:

If you'd like to perform this spell while swimming in the sea, dipping in a river, or soaking in a hot spring, you may do so by taking a pre-packed gris-gris of items that would be in your tub. Add gemstones, salt, or sage trimmings. You may anoint yourself on your temples and feet with the essential oil of your choice (using very little directly on skin), and take time to meditate on your intention. Your stone should come from and be placed back in whichever space you are in. 


Gris Gris

A gris-gris is a small pouch or case that can be used to hold items for spell-casting or intentionally shifting energy.

Image by: Sophie Buhai