Full Moon, Full Heart, New Year

Photo by:  @cringduck

Photo by: @cringduck

The first day of the new year speaks directly to our core.

Love. It's complicated in the same way as pasta. Easy to come by if you just want the look and flavor, but to get the authentic and most intentional form, you have to be patient. 

A supermoon is here to welcome us into 2018. Specifically, a Wolf Moon, named as such for being the first full moon of the year. Go ahead and howl if you're inspired! This full moon on January 1st is opposite Venus, which suggests a time to focus on love - and how to fashion it deliciously. 

Think back to the New Moon on December 18th. What was happening? Reflect on journals, posts, conversations, moments, stresses, celebrations - whatever was going on during this time, this full moon will be sure to meet it. How it is met is entirely up to you. I suggest going with grace, because there is no situation that it doesn't improve. 

Forgiveness. It is the siamese twin of love. In order to experience it to her fullest, we must find forgiveness, because none of us walk through a day without self-criticism, judgement of others, or stains on our consciousness. Forgiveness can come in the form of a bath. Cast a spell, and let the drain handle the rest. It can come in the form of a phone call, or knocking on someone's door. Who have you been meaning to reach out to? Who needs you? Emotional clutter sits in the river of love, like stones and debris. Each time we forgive, we lift more and more away to allow this sacred stream to flow with more ease. The good news is that love is not exclusive. We all live within it. And when we make the effort to de-clog the river, we do so not only for ourselves, but for the entire collective of life. 

Happy New Year, sweeties.