Skincare in the Pacific Northwest

It's winter in Oregon, which means it's been very cold and dry.


In Northeast Oregon, family-run Wild Carrot Herbals has been creating fantastic body care goods for 14 years. I happened upon this brand at my local grocery store, and it's been absolutely saving my skin. Getting body products that are locally made and with local herbs is ideal, since what grows locally is naturally better for your body. The planet knows what it's doing. 


In the summer, I don't wash my face everyday but I do tend to oil cleanse and wash sporadically with Doctor Bronners. I wouldn't recommend this, but I can at least be honest about it. In the winter, this lose routine would leave my skin completely cracked and destroyed. Face washing can be a challenge when the air is so dry. Even with the most emollient moisturizers, dry skin is nearly irreversible when over-dried with harsh cleansers. 

Wild Carrot focuses on wild harvested ingredients. A handful of Eastern Oregon plants are harvested during the year including: St. John’s wort, Yarrow, Cottonwood buds, Arnica, and Elderberries. 

I've been using the Wild Carrot Cardamom Facial Cream Cleanser which actually moisturizes when I cleanse, and in the morning I use the Neroli Night Cream ("night" being more of a guideline), and sometimes add a pump of argan oil. I've found a new favorite brand of skincare, and am excited to see what will be necessary to use as the seasons change right along with the regional herbs and plants. 

Sit with plants long enough they tell you their medicine.
— Jody Berry, founder & creator of Wild Carrot Herbals