Being Gracious to the Gods

I've gotten into multiple conversations in the last few weeks about what it means to be "gracious to the gods."

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To give and receive in waves. I feel more and more that the mystery energy which gives life to creation is anything but stoic. The standard image of "god" is intriguing; fashioned as a greek philosopher. Perhaps this is to convey a notion of wisdom, or deep knowing. A smart, serious, and wholly unavailable male figure. 

When I feel the presence of the divine, it's often very friendly. Bubbly. Innocent. There's a sweetness. How do we take our gifts from the hands of the gods? Swiftly and flippantly? Do we think that somehow we manifested them ourselves and pay no mind? Are we nervous, or shy? Do we sulk, wishing our gift was better? Prettier? Or do we back away, afraid of what it might feel like to truly receive?
When I give a gift, I want the recipient to be excited. I want to feel like I somehow hit the mark. What's different about sacred energy is that it already knows what we need. However, our response generates an immediate feedback. In short, I've learned not to be spiritually awkward, replacing tension with gratitude and delight. In being gifted something precious, we then give back what we receive again. Through energy. On and on and on.