Christy Dawn: Vintage Inspired, Deadstock Made


CHRISTY DAWN offers a sensible example for fashion treading softly on this one planet we call home.

I've been stoked on @christydawn for a good long while. Businesses can be beautiful and style-centered while still maintaining focus on sustainability and environmental impact, and Christy Dawn does this by using only deadstock material. Why generate more when there's already so much to use? Rolls of chemically dyed fabrics are heavily responsible for contaminated water - and most often in countries that simply cannot afford to risk their health any further. These factories create fabrics that are then made into garments sent to fast fashion and high fashion brands alike - the ones that supply the full range of chronic shoppers' drug of choice. They are made, worn, and thrown away- either sent to landfills, or sent back to third world countries as "charity," creating a cycle of toxicity. To source from leftover materials, avoiding further unnecessary manufacturing, is a very available way to create responsibly. 


Furthermore, Christy Dawn employs seamstresses working under fair pay, who are treated as equals amongst those who make the brand - not just the garments. 
For years, my life mantra has been "opulently minimal." What this means is simple. I love what I own, and I acquire selectively. It's a practice based on elegance and mindfulness, concentrated specifically on the material portion of life. Where is my money going? Where does it go after that? What am I getting in return? How does it effect the world around me and what is the ripple effect? We're very much involved. Little steps can make significant change. And beauty should not harm.

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Sera Lindsey