Sustainable Sleeping: Avocado Mattress

No toxic foams, gels, synthetics or traditional coil-springs. Sustainability so easy you can do it in your sleep. This is Avocado. 

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The average a person sleeps for 8 hours in a day, which means most of us will sleep for 229,961 hours, or one third of their life. And this isn't even counting the time we lay in bed writing emails, making love, watching movies, reading, eating - let's be real, most of what we do in our home is at some point (if not mostly) done on our bed. 

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Most mattresses are riddled with long term off-gassing chemicals, making the bedroom a dangerous environment for anyone - particularly those with sensitive immune systems, compromised respiratory systems, or children. 

It can seem like a questionable investment. Why do it when the cheaper ones are comfortable enough, and much more affordable? I'd call this a long-term investment in your health. Life shouldn't always be about immediate comfort. An emphasis should also be put on preventative measures at home - through diet, exercise, and yes, your furniture and goods. 

Avocado Mattresses are made from 100% natural latex, sustainably sourced wool, coils made from recycled steel, and organic cotton, as well as fairly manufactured in the US. 

All good reasons to give Avocado a try. Check out their site here

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