Between the sun and moon, we exist. 

How Can I get involved?

If interested in contributing, you may find out more information on our Submissions page here. If you have goods, a service, or art that you'd feel is in line with our mission, see our general Contact page here

what's the mission of SUNMOON journal?

Beauty, creativity, sensuality, holistic practice, magical thinking and living - all threaded together by environmental awareness and practical craft. To be kind and conscious towards the planet and our bodies is to acknowledge life as a work of sacred invention.  


What is SUNMOON?

SUNMOON was established as a way to provide a digital community space of healing, learning and sharing, opportunity for community gatherings, and to offer integrated goods crafted for individual needs.

Where is SUNMOON based?

SUNMOON Journal was created by Sera Lindsey who lives in Portland, Oregon. It originated in Los Angeles, traveled to Wyoming, and continues to flourish through community near and far.

privacy policy

Your right to confidentiality is respected. We do not disclose any personal information without consent, or for minors under the age of 13. 


The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, or otherwise used without granted permission.

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